Boats We hire out rowing boats for 4-5 people at Nedre- and Övre Särvsjön. To secure access to a boat, book simultaneously with the cottage! Fishing license purchased in Särvsjö allows fishing in both lakes. By agreement, we provide a fishing license at your arrival. Rents:
Per boat per day 90 Sek,
Per boat per week 450 Sek.

Per fishing equipment per week 80 kr.
(Spinning rod with accessories).

Bikes The area has many private roads that are closed to public traffic, but are well suited for cycling. We provide mountain bikes and give you advises on shorter or longer bike rides. When renting a bike, this includes a map of the area. Rents:
Per bike per day 50 kr.
Per bike per week 180 kr.

Canoes We rent canoes at Nedre and Övre Särvsjön. The canoes are about 5 meters in length and have two seats. Rents:
Per canoe per day 50 kr
Per canoe per week 180 kr